Hodgman WadersHodgman has been making supplies for fisherman since 1838. Hodgman waders are considered some of the best around because all of their experience is put into planning out the latest design and they use some of the newest fabric technology around. Hodgman waders are comfortable, long lasting, some styles breathe easy and all offer the best protection for each water environment the style is designed for. Best of all, because there is such a large selection of styles of Hodgman waders there is also a broad selection of price range to shop in. People can now outfit themselves in them.

Hodgman Waders lowest price

What Styles of Hodgman Waders are Available?

Hodgman waders are available in eight different styles. There are breathable Hodgman waders which are good for warm water and warmer weather environments and Neoprene Hodgman waders which are designed for rougher and colder water. For winter fishing, they are available in insulated styles. The Rubber Hodgman waders are the most versatile and affordable.

They also offer 2-ply waders, Dura-stretch waders, PVC utility waders and wading shoes. All Hodgman waders are available in chest, bib or waist height. They also offer thigh high wading boots. Neoprene Hodgman waders and some of the other styles can be used with full wading boots, which make hiking in easier, or stocking foot boots, which allow you to wear more specialized hiking shoes without having to remove the waders to get them on.

How do I know which Hodgman Waders to get?

The best way to determine which Hodgman Waders to get is to either talk to an experienced fisherman who is familiar with the locations you plan to fish or to go online and read some of the forums where fly-fishers discuss their preferences for waders. A rule of thumb to remember when trying to decide which Hodgman waders to get is that the faster and deeper the water, the higher the wader.

If you will need to walk in to the fishing spot, make sure you get a wader that allow for boots to be work and is flexible (such as the Dura-stretch Hodgman waders). Rubber waders are heavy and not recommended for walking, but they are affordable. They can be the best waders to start out with if you really are not sure where you will wind up fishing. Also, as you wear them, you will notice yourself wishing things were different about them. This will begin to define what you need out of a pair of Hodgman waders and make it easier to select another style.

Where can I get the best price on Hodgman waders?

You can buy them online or in specialty fishing and sports stores. To get the best price on Hodgman waders you should shop around online and compare the different offers. Pay attention to seasonal sales, discounts, promotions and clearances that may be offered. Many times you can find free shipping on Hodgman waders online and you wont have to pay sales tax, like you would in a regular store.


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